Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute (UPTTI) Formerly Known as Goverment Central Textile Institute (GCTI)

Dr. Prashant Vishnoi


Area of Interest:

  Dr. Prashant Vishnoi

  Man Made Fibre Technology



Associate Professor

Academic Qualification

Year of Completion Area of Specialization
PhD 2006 Textile Technology
PG. 1992 Textile Engineering
UG. 1990 Textile Technology
Associate Professor

Working experience

  • Working as Professor (Spinning) since 29.03.2013 at UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Worked as Associate professor (Spinning) from 29.03.2010 to 28.03.2013 at UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Worked as lecturer-Selection Grade(Spinning) from 29.03.2007 to 28.03.2010 at UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Worked as Lecturer-Sr. Scale (Spinning) from 29.03.2002 to 28.03.2007 at UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Worked as Lecturer( Spinning) from 29.03.1197 to 28.03.2002 at UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Worked ad R& D Officer to Asst R& D Superintendent at Vardhaman Group from 27.01.92 to 12.03.1997.
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  • Nano Technology in Textiles, UGC sponsored Conference on Global Challenges- Role of Science & Technology in Imparting Their Solution, TITS Bhiwani, April 23-24, 2016.
  • Participated 44th Textile Research Symposium held at IIT Delhi on 14-16 Decemeber,2016.
  •  “International Conference on “Functional textiles and Apparels: global requirements and Opportunities” held on 22nd & 23rd January 2016 at Bangolore, organized by  Textile Association (I) Karnataka Unit.
  •  “State Level Faculty Interaction Seminar” held during June 8-9, 2015 at HBTI Kanpur.
  • International Conference on “Textile- A Decade Ahead” organized by N ISTI and Department of textile Technology, IIT Delhi on 9-10 September 2011.
  • Attended workshop on “Sustainability in Textiles” organized by IIT Delhi on 5-7 March 2018.
  • Attended two day workshop on ‘Outcome based Education” organized by HBTU Kanpur on 22-23 March 2018.
  • Attended Two days Workshop on “Outcome Based Education”  at AIVTE Delhi on 8-9 Feb 2018 organized by NPIU.
  • Participated in Short Term course on “ Functional Textile & protections” held on 19.09.2016 to 23.09.2016 at NITTTR Kolkata.
  • Faculty development program on “Quality management in Engineering Material” held at UPTTI Kanpur on 20-25 June 2016.
  • “State Level Workshop on Curriculum Development in Textile”, held during July 13-14, 2015 at UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Short term course under QIP on “Nonwoven Process & Products” held during May 12-17, 2014, organized by Deptt. of Textile Technology, IIT, Delhi.
  • Short Term Course on “Positive Thinking and Attitude Development” held December 15-19, 2014, at NITTR Bhopal.
  • Short Term course on “Nonwoven processes & Products” under QIP held on  12-17 May 2014 at IIT Delhi.
  • Short Term Course on “Induction Training Programme through ICT” held during September 23-27, 2013 at U.P.T.T.I. Kanpur.
  • Short Term Course under CEP “Executive Certificate Program on Apparel & Textile Management” held from 7th-8th September 2013 at IIT Delhi.
  • Staff Development Programme on “Industrial Safety management” held from 07.01.2013 to 11.01.2013 at NITTTR Bhopal.
  • Short term course under QIP on “Fundamental of Textile Machines and Mechanisms” held during June 21-25, 2010, organized by Deptt. of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi.
  • One day workshop on “Human Values and Professional Ethics” on April 24 2010 at UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Short term course under QIP on “Emerging Trends in Fibres & Textiles” held during July 06-10, 2009, organized by Deptt of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi.
  • Workshop on “Testing of Adulterating materials in Food Items” organized by U.P.T.T.I. Kanpur during March 2-4, 2009.
  • Workshop on “Textile Testing” organized by U.P.T.T.I. Kanpur during February 3-5, 2009.
  • Refresher course on “Applied Mathematical Techniques for Chemical Sciences” held at H.B.T.I. Kanpur during April 11-15, 2007.
  • Short term training programme on “Technological Developments in Textiles”, sponsored by ISTE from 24.02.2001 to 05.01.2002. at GCTI Kanpur.
  • AICTE short-term Training Programme on “Textiles in 21st Century” sponsored by ISTE a from 03.07.2000 to 15.07.2000 at GCTI Kanpur.
  • NCUTE Pilot programme on “Spinning-Drawing, Combing and Roving” held at Dept. of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi during 16-18 June 1999.
  • NCUTE Pilot programme on “Blowroom & carding” held at Dept. of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi during 06-11 Ocober 1998.
  • Q.I.P. Summer School on “Energy Conversion & Management” at Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi during May 11-22, 1998.