Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute (UPTTI) Formerly Known as Goverment Central Textile Institute (GCTI)

Engineering Department

Centralised Computer Facility

The facility is available to all students, staff and faculty members for their computing needs. It has been shifted to the new building in a newly prepared laboratory. The following resources are available

  • Computers P-IV ( approx. 50 Numbers)
  • Colour printing Deskjet
  • Scanning
  • Laser Printing
  • Internet and e-mail facility
  • Software as per requirement of UG Students

Internet and Intranet Facility

The Campus Wide networking has been implemented in the Institute under TEQIP. The networking has been commissioned and started well on December 1, 2007. It has been noticed that the utilization of network resources is not being done by the beneficiaries optimally probably due to lack of wide publicity, amongst stakeholders, for that necessary steps are being taken. The services provided under the networking are as follows:

  1. Internet connectivity
  2. Intranet connectivity within the Institute
  3. Mail messaging
  4. Centralized heavy duty storage (Net work attached storage)
  5. Network Management Services

Internet Connectivity and Intranet Connectivity

Campus wide networking has been done throughout the campus connecting all faculty and staff members through the computers on their desk. The mail messaging solution has also been installed to provide e- mail facility at institute's domain to every stakeholder

  1. The institute provides the internet surfing facility with unlimited download and upload. As on date, the service is provided by ERNET INDIA through leased line of 64 kbps. Feeling the need to improve the speed of internet connection, a proposal for 2.0 Mbps leased line has been made and procurement is in process.
  2. The computers have already been installed, configured and connected to the I/O, through patch cords at desks of faculty and staff, who have opted to have the computer.
  3. As far as students are concerned, they are required to arrange their own computer having LAN card. The patch cord will be issued from computer department on the request and at the same time I.P. address will be allotted and configured by the department.
  4. The stakeholders including students, not possessing computers may also get their intranet ID and password and can access internet from any configured computer inside the institute networking purview, with the permission from respective computer owner. It would be worth mentioning that using internet with other person's ID is strictly prohibited in order to maintain the security to comply cyber laws .

Network attached Storage

A centralized net work attached storage, having storage capacity of 2 TB (4X500GB) having operating system "Windows Storage Server 2003 EMB R2 32 Bit standard edition, had been installed in the Centralized Computing Facility. This NAS has been made online by connecting it to the Campus Wide Networking. Now stakeholders can save or store their data in this storage remotely and can retrieve as and when needed. The facility is open for all stakeholders who get themselves register with the Computer Department for NAS Facility. The storage can be used for storing important documents, study material, backups, program dumps etc. The material stored should fall under the Cyber Laws and rules and regulations of Government of India and State Government.

The Engineering department consists of the following:
  1. Department of Electrical Engineering
  2. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  3. Computer Department

These departments have labs and workshops along with required faculty co cater to the need of textile students.