Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute (UPTTI) Formerly Known as Goverment Central Textile Institute (GCTI)

Jitendra Kumar Gautam

Assistant Professor, Hostel Warden(2nd Year), Assistant Purchase Officer, Vehicle In-charge of the Institute, Assistant Examination Superintendent,In-charge of EME Lab and Engineering Drawing Lab, DPC Member of Engineering Department, DPC Member of Hostel, DPC Member of Furniture.

Area of Interest:

Associate Professor

  Jitendra Kumar Gautam

  Engineering Department



Working experience

  • Assistant Professor at UPTTI Kanpur from 06/12/2007.

Academic Qualification

Year of Completion Area of Specialization
M.Tech 2013 Mechanical Engineering (Design)
B.Tech 2007 Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor
  • Organized a training programme on "Modern Advancement in Textiles" sponsored by IRDT Kanpur at UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Attended one day workshop on "Human Values and Professional Ethics" 24th April 2010 at U.P.T.T.I, Kanpur.
  • Attended Two Days Conference on "Innovation in Material, Design and Manufacturing" 27-28 March 2015 at H.B.T.I, Kanpur.
  • Attended two days Seminar on "Thermal Behavior of Materials" 27-28 February 2018 at UPTTI Kanpur.
  • “Total Quality in Pedagogical training in Engineering Education” 02-07 March 2009 at Engineering Staff College of India Hyderabad.
  • “Advances in Engineering Materials” 16-21 March 2009 at H.B.T.I, Kanpur .
  • “Induction Training Program through ICT” 23-27 September 20013 Organized by NITTTR Chandigarh at U.P.T.T.I, Kanpur.
  • “Master CAM for Beginners” 02-06 Feb 2015 at N.I.T.T.T.R, Bhopal.
  • “Quality Management System-TQM, Six Sigma, Kaizen,5S & 4P” 06-17 July 2015 at N.I.T.T.T.R, Bhopal.
  • “Strategic Planning and Management of Technical Institution through ICT ” 17-21 August 2015 organized by NITTTR Chandigarh at U.P.T.T.I, Kanpur .
  • “Core Teaching Skill” 12-16 October 2015 at N.I.T.T.T.R, Bhopal .
  • “Application of Nano Technology in Textile Engineering” 18-23 January 2016 at U.P.T.T.I, Kanpur.
  • “Quality Management in Engineering Materials” 20-25 June 2016 at U.P.T.T.I, Kanpur.
  • “Corrosion control in Chemical and Allied industries” 22-27 August 2016 at H.B.T.I, Kanpur.