Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute (UPTTI) Formerly Known as Goverment Central Textile Institute (GCTI)

Dr. Supriyo Chakraborty

Assistant Professor, NBA committee member, UPTTI, Co-coordinator IIC Cell, Dept. purchase committee member, Member of annual magazine committee, "Fibre to finish", Project and Seminar In charge, Dept. of Textile Technology, AEC, Chikhli.

Area of Interest:

Associate Professor

  Dr. Supriyo Chakraborty

 Textile Technology



Academic Qualification

Year of Completion Area of Specialization
PhD 2016 Textile Technology, Technical Textiles for protection
PG. 2003 Textile Technology
UG. 1995 Textile Technology
Associate Professor


Industrial Experience

  • GontermannPiepers India (Ltd) Textile Mills, Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh: Quality control executive (four years: April 2004 to August 2008).
  • Kangsabati Co-op spinning Mills, Bankura, WB: Shift Officer (three years: 1997-2000).
  • Eastern Spinning Mills, Barasat, WB: Shift Officer (one year: 1995-1996).

Academic Experience

  • Working as Asst Professor at UPTTI Kanpur (present).
  • Worked as Asst. Professor at SGGS Nanded, Maharshtra (since July 24, 2017, Subjects Teaching: Technical Textiles, Smart Textiles).
  • Worked as Asst. Professor at NIT Jalandhar, Punjab. (contractual faculty: from July 2016) (Subjects taught: Knitting Technology, Nonwoven Technology, Weaving, Process Control).
  • Defended Ph.D thesis titling "A study on firefighter's protective clothing", at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (2016).
  • Worked as an Asst. Professor/Lecturer in AnuradhaEngg. College, Chikhli, MS, from August 2008 to December 2010. (Subjects taught: Spinning, Process control in spinning, Fibre Science).
  • R. Goyal, V. Sikka, S. Maity,Supriyo Chakraborty, A review on Atomic Force Microscopy: instrumentation, procedure, and applications in textiles (Part -I), published, October 2017, Asian Textile Journal.
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  • IIC Symposium, UPTTI, Kanpur, 25th Jan 2018, Co-coordinator.

Conference presentations

  • Presented paper on "Thermal insulation of Heat Protective Clothing materials" as a resource speaker during the seminar on "Thermal Behavior of Materials" at UPTTI,Kanpur,(under TEQIP-III)on 27-28 Feb 2018.
  • Presented poster on "Heat protective clothing assemblies" at Textile Academia Conference at IIT Delhi, 15-18 Feb, 2016.
  • "Shape Memory Materials as Smart Textile",in Recent Advances in Polymers MIT Aurangabad, on 17-18th August 2010.
  • "Ecofriendly natural dyes from Industrial waste",in National conference in Green Technology, SSGMCE, Shegaon, 16th - 17th April 2010.
  • "Ecofriendly natural dyes", in International Conference on emerging trends of Natural fibers arranged by CIRCOT on 17th April 09, at Mumbai.
  • "Application of Coir (Coconut Fibres) in Geotextiles", International Conference on emerging trends of Natural fibres, CIRCOT on 17th April 09, at Mumbai.
  • "Mechanics of Textile Structure", one day seminar, 14th Dec 2013, at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
  • "MISSION 10X", Teachers training program, conducted by Wipro, 12th July 2010 to 16th July 2010.
  • "Engineering of Functional Clothing", STTP in IIT Delhi on, 12th Dec-2009.
  • "Emerging Trends in Fibres and Textiles" under QIP held from 06-10th July 2009, organized by IIT Delhi.
  • "Induction Training Program for Teachers" organized by ISTE and ACM Chapter in AEC, Chikhli in 2008.