Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute (UPTTI) Formerly Known as Goverment Central Textile Institute (GCTI)

Mrs. Alka Ali

Associate Professor, R.T.I. Officer, Exam Superintendent, Head of Women Grievances Cell, Cultural Head, Advisor Student's Chapter ISTE, Advisor Student's Chapter Institution of Engineers India.

Area of Interest:

 Mrs. Alka Ali

  Textile Chemistry



Associate Professor

Academic Qualification

Year of Completion Area of Specialization
PhD Pursuing Natural Dyes
PG. 1988 Finishing
UG. 1982 Textile Chemistry
Associate Professor

Working experience

  • 34 years of teaching experience in Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute, Kanpur and 1 year of Industrial Experience.
  • Presently working as Associate Professor and teacher at Under Graduate and Post Graduate Level and engaged in various academic, administrative and managerial activities of the institute.
  • Multi-functional Properties of Neem: Azadiracha Indica-Alka Ali, Dr. Neelu Kambo, Agnesh Kastury & Mohd. Umair Khan; Fiber to Finish: 2017-18.
  • Piolypropylene Contamination in Fabrics- Alka Ali & Agnesh Kastury; Fibre to Finish: 2017-18.
  • Phase Change Materials-Alka Ali, Shashi Soni & Vishal Mishra; Fiber to Finish: April 2017.
  • PBI(Poly Benzimydazone) Properties, Applications and Recent Developments- Mukesh Kr. Singh, Alka Ali & Garima Yadav; Fiber to Finish: April 2017.
  • Camouflage Textile-Alka Ali & Priyanka Tiwari; Fiber to Finish: April 2017.
  • Dye Extraction from Walnut Shell and Dyeing of Cotton and Wool Fabric and their Comparative Study- Alka Ali & Nidhi Sisodia; International Conference on Textile and Clothing: Present and Future Trends: Jan 2017.
  • One Bath Dyeing and Water Repellant Finishing of Textile by Sol-Gel Technique- Dr. Ravindra Kale, Alka Ali, Arunabh Agnihotri, Priyanka Jagtap; IOSR-JPTE: April 2016.
  • Advanced approach for Trichromy Formulation in Continuous Dyeing-Alka Ali, S.K. Rajput, Jaya Pandey; IJESRT: April 2016.
  • New Technologies in Wet Processing-Alka Ali,Malik,Shyam Tanveer Barhanpurkarl; Asian Dyer: Feb-March 2012.
  • Innovative Fibers of Textile World -Alka Ali & Mukesh Kumar; Textile Value Chain.
  • Bio-Processing Of Smart Textiles -Alka Ali & Alok Gupta, Smart Textiles & Instrumentation Sponsored By Dpt. Of Science And Technology.
  • Reuse Of Textile Waste Water-Alka Ali; Fibre To Finish: 2012-13.
  • A Review Of Carbon Fiber-Alka Ali & Dharmendra Pandey; Fiber To Finish: 2009-10.
  • The Art Of Chikankari-Mr. Liyakat Ali , Mrs. Alka Ali & Mr. D.N. Pandey; Fiber To Finish: 2005-06.
  • An Eco Friendly Processing-Alka Ali & R.P. Dinkar; Fiber To Finish: 2006-07.
  • Bleaching Of Hosiery Garments-Alka Ali & Mukesh Kumar Singh; State Hosiery Industry: 14-15 April 2001.
  • Prepare Study Material For Textile Fibers-Alka Ali, Textile Technology And Management Diploma Course, Up Co Operative Spinning Mills Federation Limited 1993.
  • UV Absorbers For Spun Protective Clothing-Mrs. Alka Ali & Dr. Lokesh Shukla, The Textile Magazine, June 2003.
  • Eco-Friendly Dyeing Of Silk Fabric With Bougainvillea Dye-Archana Singh And Akhilesh Kumari, Alka Ali, Ekta Grover; Man-Made Textiles In India: August 2008.
  • Optimization Of Dyeing Procedure For Cotton Fabric By Using Bougainvillea Dye-Archana Singh And Akhilesh Kumari , Alka Ali; The Textile Magazine.
  • Textiles For The Protection Of Life-J.P. Singh & Alka Ali, Department Of Fashion Technology, Sona College Of Technology; National Conference On Technical Textiles And Smart Apparel:"PROSPECTS-2008".
  • Dyeing Of Cellulosics With The Help Of Vinyl Sulphone Reactive Dyes- S.K. Rajput And Alka Ali (TEXMACH INDIA, ANNIVERSARY 2009,5).
  • Resist Printing On Cotton Fabric With Vat Dye Using Different Resisting Agents- Meenaxi Tiwari, Archana Singh, Alka Ali, ASIAN DYER, April 2009.
  • Recent Innovation In Cotton Dyeing With Natural Colours-A Review ,Alka Ali , Dr. Anita Nishkam And Dharmendra Pandey ,TEXTILE REVIEW.
  • New Advances In Textile Industry: Application Of Nano, Bio And Information Technology, 6th International Conference Of Textile Research Division NRC , Cairo , Egypt , April 5-7,2009 ,Paper Accepted ( January 31, 2009)
  • Nano Fibres Using Electrostatic Spinning-Prof. B D Dixit, Alka Ali S K Raajput, I P Mishra, DS Nayal, Nidhi Saxena And Rashi; Gupta-Global Industrial Concepts In Textile.
  • Organized the Woolmark Appreciation Course on 16th March 2018 at UPTTI, Kanpur.
  • Organized the Fashion Show event during Alumni Meet & Annual Function 2018 held at UPTTI, Kanpur on 23 Feb 2018.
  • Organized the Poster Presentation event during International Conference on Advanced Materials Textiles & Processes held at UPTTI, on 14-15 Oct 2017.
  • Coordinator of Faculty Development Programme on Modern Advancements in Textiles held at UPTTI, on 23-27 Oct 2017.
  • Organized the Fashion Show event during TEXUP-2K17 held at UPTTI, Kanpur on Jan 2017.
  • Attended Seminar on Thermal Behavior of Materials held at UPTTI, Kanpur between 27-28 Feb 2018.
  • Attended the International Conference on Advance Material Textiles & Processes held at UPTTI, on 14-15 Oct 2017.
  • Attended the All India National Seminar on Advance Materials Challenges and New Directions at DMSRDE Kanpur on 4th Feb 2016.
  • Participated in State Level Faculty Interaction Seminar organized at HBTI Kanpur during 8-9 Jun 2015.
  • National Seminar On Science For Shaping The Future Of India At Indian Science Congress Association , Kanpur From 3-4 Dec 2012.
  • Attended The Sciences Academies Lecture Workshop On Advances In Bio Inorganic And Nano-Chemistry Held In D.A.V. (P.G.) College, (C.S.J.M.University) Kanpur During Nov 12-13, 2011.
  • Participated in the National Conference on Advanced Polymers Fiber And Fabrics At DMSRDE Kanpur At 26-28 Dec 2011.
  • All India Seminar on Futuristic Textiles Organized By UP State & Kanpur Local Centre Of The Institution Of Engineers (India) At Merchant Chambers U.P. Civil Lines Kanpur On 9-10 Feb 2008.
  • Sustainability in Textile Industries, Faculty Development Programme, IIT Delhi Sonipat Campus on 5-7 Mar 2018.
  • Attended the Faculty Development Programme on Modern Advancements in Textiles held at UPTTI, on 23-27 Oct 2017.
  • Attended the In-house training programme on Polymer composites and Nano Composites held at NITTTR Kolkata during 12-16 Jun 2017.
  • Attended the Training Programme on Pollution Control Technology Adequacy and Efficiency held at NSI, on 11th Nov 2016.
  • Attended the Short Term Training Programme on Research Methodology held at UPTTI, on 5-9 Sep 2016.
  • Attended the Faculty Development Programme on Quality Management in Engineering Materials held at UPTTI, on 20-25 Jun 2016.
  • Attended the Faculty Development Programme on Application of Nano Technology in Textile Engineering held at UPTTI, on 18-23 Jan 2016.
  • Participated in State Level Workshop on Curriculum Development in Textiles held at UPTTI Kanpur during 13-14 Jul 2015.
  • Participated In-House Skill Development Programme on IT for Beginners held at UPTTI Kanpur from 30th Jun to 15th Jul 2015.
  • Participated in AICTE Recognized Short Term Course on National Institute Of Technical Researches Training And Research Chandigarh from 23-27 Sep 2013.
  • Attended Faculty Development Programme On Human Value And Professional Ethics Organized By UPTTI, Lucknow At IIT Kanpur From 9-16 June 2010.
  • Attended One Day Workshop On Human Value And Professional Ethics Organized By Value Education Cell, UPTU At UPTTI Kanpur On 24 April 2010.
  • ISTE-AICTE SPONSORES Short Term Training Programme on Optimization Techniques For EngineersOrganized by Dpt. Of Chemical Engineering, HBTI Kanpur During 23-28 March 2009.
  • Attended The Three Day Workshop On Testing Of Adulterating Materials In Food Items Organized By Dpt. Of Basic Science UPTTI Kanpur during 2-4 March 2009.
  • A Short Term Programme On Effective Communication And Presentation Skills Conducted By The EDU.& EDCL . MGT. Dpt. From 16-20 Jan 2006 At Nitttr Chandigarh.
  • Attended AICTE Short Term Training Programme On Global Industrial Concepts In Textiles Sponsored By I.S.T.E. New Dehli Conducted By GCTI from 10-21 Jan 2005.
  • Attended the Computer Course in Aptech Computer Education during July 2003.
  • Instructor Training Programme for Computer Aided Design At Tukatech, Inc., U.S.A. From April 10'2002.
  • Attended AICTE Short Term Training Programme on Technological Developments In Textile At GCTI, Kanpur From 24 Dec. 2001 to 5 Jan. 2002.
  • Attended AICTE Short Term Training Programme on Textile In 21 Century at GCTI From 3-15 July 2000.
  • N-Cute Pilot Programme on Manmade Fiber Held At IIT DEHLI From 19-21 Feb. 1999.
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Quality Improvement Programme Accounting For Engineers from 7-12 Dec 1998.
  • Q.I.P Summer School On Energy Conservation & Management At Centre For Energy Studies During May 11-22 1998.

Guided M.Tech Thesis

  • Dyeing Behaviour Of Speciliaty And High Performance Fibres-Nidhi Sisodia.
  • Study Of Dyeing Performance Of Natural Dyes On Natural Fibres-yoti Singh.
  • To Study The Antibacterial Activity Of Herbal Textiles-Anjali Patel.
  • Advance Apporoach For Trichromy Formulation In Continuous Dyeing Using Diffusion Extent And Migration Nature Of Constituents-Jaya Pandey.
  • Dyeing Behaviour Of Hetrobifunctional Reactive Dye-S.K Rajput.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata.
  • Life Member, textile association (India), Mumbai.
  • Life Member, Indian society for Technical Education, New Delhi.
  • Patron Member, G.C.T.I., Old Boy's Association, Kanpur.

Former Responsibilities

  • Worked as paper setter and practical examiner in U.P.T.U, Board of Technical Education U.P. and Punjab, Indian Institute of Handloom Technology Varanasi, C.S.A. University of Agriculture in Kanpur.
  • Expert member in syllabus revision committee in IRDT.
  • Worked as girl's hostel warden for four years.
  • Expert member in Union Public Service Commission.
  • Worked as head of the department of textile chemistry for five years.
  • Worked as assistant superintendent exam UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Worked as observer "flying squad officer" in UPSEE entrance examination.
  • Worked as observer central board of secondary education (C.B.S.E.) Delhi all India entrance examination.
  • Former HOD of Man-Made Fibre Technology UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Former Nodal officer for G.B.T.U exams.
  • Former Member of interview committee for guest lecture UPTTI Kanpur.
  • Former Member of admission committee.
  • Member of jury committee at various competitive events.
  • Former Member of Procotorial Board.