Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute (UPTTI) Formerly Known as Goverment Central Textile Institute (GCTI)

Dr. Abha Bhargava

Professor & Head Deptt. of Textile Chemistry

 Dr. Abha Bhargava

  Textile Chemistry

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Purchase Officer


  • 31 years (1yr 4 months in Textile Industry, 30 years in Govt. Central Textile Institute, Kanpur, Associate Professor since March, 2001).
  • Worked with Vardhman Spg & General Mills Co. Ltd., Ludhiana from 18.08.1982 to 05.12.1983 and looked after Research & development activities of Chemical Testing Laboratory.
  • Presently working with U.P. Textile Technology Institute, Kanpur since 07.12.1983 and presently working as Associate Professor & Head, Deptt. of Textile Chemistry since 1996 and engaged in Teaching at Under Graduate and Post Graduate level, R&D activities, Academic & Administrative Mgt of the Instt., Students Guidance & counseling.
  • Preparing Project Proposals, Administration at Departmental & Institution Level, Interaction with Industry & Society, Training, Consultancy etc.
  • Professor post due since Nov. 2009, CAS interview held in November, 2009, awaiting orders from Government of U.P.
Purchase Officer

Educational Qualifications

  • Passed High School from U.P. Board, Allahabad in 1974 with First Division.
  • Passed Intermediate from U.P. Board, Allahabad in 1977 with Second Division.
  • Passed B.Tech. (Textile Chemistry) from Govt. Central Textile Institute, Kanpur in 1982 with First Division.
  • Passed M.Tech. (Textile Chemistry) from Govt. Central Textile Institute, Kanpur in 1989 with First Division (Hons.).
  • Ph.D. form CSJM University in March, 2009 on the topic "A study on the effect of heat- setting temperature on dimensions and dyeing behaviour of polyester/viscose blended fabrics".
  • "Dyeing Terycot and Cotton Fabrics with Lac Dye in Sonicator" Bhawna, Vandana, Abha and Padma, AsianTextile journal, June, 2000, P.68-70.
  • "Baby Clothing Protective Norms, Safety Standards"The Indian Textile Journal, June, 2006, P. 99-103-Abha Bhargava and Mukesh Kumar Singh.
  • Photovoltaic Textiles Mukesh Kumar Singh and Abha Bhargava.
  • "Technical and Vocational Education for Rural Development" Training News BOAT, Govt. of India, Min. of HRD.Govind Bhargava and Abha Bhargava 2001, Volume IX, P.45.
  • "New Directions in Training and Development for meeting Future Challenges"Training News BOAT, Govt. of India, Min. of HRD, Govind Bhargava and Abha Bhargava 2003, Volume X, P.5
  • "Eco-friendly Dyeing of Cotton with Madder and Lac Dye Mixture by various Mordants", - Abha Bhargava, S.Barhanpurkar, P.K.Roy and V.Singh. Asian Dyer, June-July,2011,P.29-34.
  • "Textile Mercerization",Manmade Textiles in India,- Abha Bhargava,and A K.S.SGangwar July, 2012, P.238-240.
  • Orthopedic Casting Tape : Plaster of Paris Vs Polyerethane Tape- Preeti Rawat, Abha Bhargava and B.K.Behra Textile Asia for Publication
  • Effect of Ionic Surfactants on the adsorption of Quercus Infectoria Natural Dye on Cotton Fabric. AKinetic Study.S.K. Upadhyay,Abha Bhargava, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology.04 Nov 2013.
  • ISTE Summer School on Garment Manufacturing chnology at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore from 12-24 June, 1995.
  • Quality Improvement Programme on Manpower Planning & Human resource Development atIndian Institute of Technology, Kanpur from 10-23 Dec, 1995.
  • AICTE Winter School on "Total Quality Management" at Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi from 9-20 Dec, 1996.
  • AICTE-ISTE Summer School on "Induction Training for Technical Teachers" at Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra from 16-27 June, 1997.
  • AICTE Short Term Training Programme on "Textiles in 21st Century" at Govt. Central Textile Institute, Kanpur from 3-15 July, 2000.
  • Nodal Centre for Upgradation of Textile Education Training Programme on "Environmental Problems in Chemical Processing of Textiles" at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi from 21-22 Sept, 2000.
  • AICTE Short Term Training Programme on "Technological Development in Textiles" at Govt. Central Textile Institute, Kanpur from Dec 24, 2001 to Jan 5, 2002.
  • Instructor Training Programme for "Computer aided Design" at TUKATECH,INC. New Delhi from 15-20 March, 2002.
  • AICTE Short Term Training Programme on "Global Industrial Concepts in Textiles" at Govt. Central Textile Institute, Kanpur from 10-21 Jan, 2005.
  • Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme Workshop on "Quality Control Techniques in Chemical and Allied Industries" under World Bank Project at HBTI, Kanpur from 28-30 Sept, 2005.
  • Patent Awareness Programme at HBTI, Kanpur .
  • International Conference on "Futuristic Trends in Textiles" organized at Dr B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar from 10-12 Dec, 2007.
  • National Seminar on "Indian Textiles - Vision 2020", organized by Old Boy's Association, GCTI at Kanpur from Sept.30-Oct.1, 2007.
  • All India Seminar on "Futuristic Textiles" organized by Institution of Engineers (India) at Kanpur from 9-10 Feb, 2008.
  • "Advances in Bio-processing &Food Processing Technologies" Workshop organized by Department of Biochemical Engineering & Food Technology at H.B.T.I., Kanpur, from Feb. 8- 15, 2009 under TEQIP.
  • "Testing of Adulterating material in Food Items" Workshop organized by Department of Basic Sciences U.P.T.T.I., Kanpur from March 2-4, 2009.
  • Workshop in "Textile Testing" organized by Department of Textile Technology from Feb.3-5, 2009 at U.P.T.T.I, Kanpur.
  • Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata (F-112906-2).
  • Fashion forecasting a systematic approach "Textile Magazine" May 2002, M.K. Singh.Life Member, Textile Association (India), Mumbai (TAUP-561) Life Member, Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi (LM 28926).
  • Patron Member, G.C.T.I.,Old Boy's Association, Kanpur (OBAPM/136).
  • Presented Paper in All India Seminar on "Futuristic Textiles" organized by Institution of Engineers (India) at Kanpur from 9-10 Feb, 2008 on "Recent Developments in Wet Processing".
  • Presented Paper on "Embroidery and Smart Textiles" during programme organized by Deptt. Of Science & Technology, Govt. of India at GCTI, Kanpur from 9-12 Dec, 2002.
  • Co-ordinated three days Workshop on "Eco-Friendly Wet-Processing in Textile Industry" at U.P.T.T.I., Kanpur from 24-26 Oct.,2008.
  • Co-ordinated a National Level Fest "Calatha-09" which was organized for the first time in the history of GCTI/UPTTI on 10-11April,2009 at UPTTI, Kanpur.
  • Expert Curriculum Development Committee, Technical Education, U.P.
  • Participated as Member, Curriculum Development Committee, IIT, Delhi for Textile Subjects.
  • Participated as Member, Curriculum Development Committee, PSS Central Institute of Vocational Education, NCERT, Bhopal for Textile Subjects.
  • Member, Expert Committee for Inspection/Visit of AICTE approved Institutions.
  • Member Appealate committee A.I.C.T.E.
  • SRMTUP International Conference held at Bangkok, Thailand from 3-4 July, 2012.
  • Assistant Centre Superintendent (Exams.), UPTTI, Kanpur.
  • Member, Training & Placement Cell, UPTTI, Kanpur.
  • Member, Syllabus Revision Committee, UPTTI, Kanpur.
  • Member, Anti Ragging Committee, UPTTI, Kanpur.
  • Chairperson, Departmental Purchase Committee, Textile Chemistry, UPTTI, Kanpur.
  • Member, Departmental Purchase Committee, Basic Sciences, UPTTI, Kanpur.
  • Member, Discipline Committee, UPTTI, Kanpur.
  • Incharge, Commertial testing of textile goods.
  • Working as Paper Setter/Practical Examiner for Textile Subjects in Board of Technical Education, U.P, Rajasthan and Punjab, Indian Institutes of Handloom Technology, CSJM University, Kanpur, Rajasthan University, CSA University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur.
  • Worked as Hostel Warden (Boy's) for the three hostels and Incharge of Lower Supporting Staff.
  • Expert, Textile Subjects, Ordnance factory Institute of Learning, Kanpur.