Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute (UPTTI) Formerly Known as Goverment Central Textile Institute (GCTI)

Finishing School Reporting

Finishing School Personality Development and capacity Building Under the Aegis of Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme-III Coordinators: Er. Indra Prakash Mishra and Ms. Shipra Srivastava Prog Director: Prof. Mukesh Kumar Singh Sensitization Week: 30 January to 3 February Follow-up Week: 12 February to 17 February A Finishing School for the students of Third year and Final Year is conceptualized in order to enhance the employability of our graduates. The program is scheduled for two weeks but not in continuation. First week is dedicated to impart the knowledge on development of different employability skills. Verbal Communication, Non verbal communication, ways to express yourself and to understand the body language is core theme of the programme. Second week of the programme was for follow-up and providing finishing touch to the new attributes understood and practiced. Various methods like lecture, workshop, gropu discussions, other group activities and most importantly the communication technology s used to communicate the matter to the participating students. Ample time is given to the students to understand the requirement, then to learn the technique and to practice it in their routing activities. The initiative was taken by the programme director Prof Mukesh Kumar Singh and accordingly the Team comprising Er Indra Prakash Mishra and Ms. Shipra Srivastava is given the responsibility to conduct the programme. The programme schedule is made cautiously so that the students get proper time for absorbing the content and for practicing the daily inputs. Ms. Shipra Srivastava taken a lead and ensure her participation in almost each and every activity though it was a tiring and tedious job to do. Various experts from the field of employability skill development, group activities, written and spoken English, attitudinal change and improving behavioral aspects have been invited to benefit the participants. Mr. Sunil Gupta, Dr. Suman Singh, Dr. Sonia Agarwal, Ms. Soemya, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Singh. Er. I. P. Mishra and Ms. Shipraa have contributed in the workshop. Personality and Career choice, Basic grammer and language proficiency, corporate grooming, Vocabulary building, Technical writing, personality theories, staying motivated, public peaking, body language, cover letter writing are few of the contents covered effectively in the workshop.